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Forensic Audio Services, Audio forensics


Special Forensic Audio Restoration Services

We provide a special forensic audio restoration service to enhance and restore audio from poorly recorded sources.
Extract and enhance audio from camera footage and from poorly recorded sources such as cell phones, dictaphones or tapes for use as evidence in legal cases or for any other use. Our highly specialised equipment and sound analysis software combined with the trained ears of a professional sound engineer and mastering expert will help to reveal clearer sounding audio from badly recorded sources.

- Remove tape hiss and background noise
- Remove low frequency rumble
- Remove scratches and clicks
- Remove air conditioner noise
- Remove unwanted sounds
- Enhance the clarity of the audio
- Increase the sound level of the audio
- Extract audio from video
- Isolate specific frequencies of audio
- Audio editing
- Psychoacoustic enhancement
- High quality studio equalization and processing
- Create digital duplicates
- All digital conversion is done using high quality professional recording studio equipment
- All recording and digital conversions are done in 24 bit high resolution digital

Please note that in some cases not all of the undesired noise can be removed 100%.

Please contact us for pricing and more information

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