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    • Introspective Music Full list of services

      Introspective Music and Audio. Recording studio and music production services. Includes cutting edge modern recording studio, mixing, mastering, music and audio production. Recording studio fully equipped with the latest recording technology.

    • For Artists

      Introspective Music and Audio production studio services for artists.

    • For Corporates

      Music and audio production studio for corporates and advertising agencies.

    • LP/Tape to CD conversion

      Convert Your Tapes, Lp's, Reels and video to CD or DVD. Sound restoration, digital archiving, sound enhancement and remastering. Remove scratches and hiss from old recordings. Digital archiving service. Forensic audio service.

    • Forensic Audio Services, Audio forensics

      Forensic Audio Services. Audio forensics. We provide a forensic audio restoration service to enhance and restore audio from poorly recorded sources.Extract and enhance audio from camera footage and poorly recorded sources such as cell phones, dictaphones or tapes for use as evidence in legal cases or for any other use.

    • Mastering

      Best mastering service in SA. We've mastered internationally released songs and No1 hits. Get the best mastering for your tracks today. Comprehensive mastering service. We offer two levels of mastering, Basic Mastering and Pro Mastering.

    • Recording Studio Features & Highlights

      Introspective music recording studio features.

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    • About the Producer GŁnther Alexander

      Music porducer GŁnther Alexander has a respected reputation in the music business. Having produced several internationally released number one songs including his own award winning album.

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    Introspective Music contact information. Contact Introspective Music & Audio for music production, recording and mastering services.

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