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LP/Tape to CD conversion


Convert Your Tapes, Lp's, Reels and video to CD or DVD

Restore, remaster, enhance and remove scratches and hiss from old recordings. Imagine listening to your golden oldies in pristine digital sound. Consolidate your old music collection today!

Convert or Copy Lp's or Tapes to CD or mp3
Cassettes to CD or mp3
Micro Cassettes to CD or mp3
Lp's and Singles to CD or mp3
Reel to Reel Tapes to CD or mp3

Convert or Copy Videos to DVD
Mini DV to DVD

Special Forensic Audio Restoration Service
A special forensic audio service is available to enhance and restore audio from poorly recorded sources.
Restore and enhance audio from poorly recorded dictaphones, cell phones, camera footage or tapes for use as evidence in legal cases, disciplinary hearings or for any other use...
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Professional results

All digital recording and conversions are done by a professional sound engineer with many years experience in mixing and producing professional studio quality albums. You won't be dealing with someone who is simply a hi-fi enthusiast or a hobbiest. Most consumer hi-fi equipment used for conversion is sub standard when compared to pro studio equipment costing tens of thousands of Rands. You simply won't get the same results. So why not get it right the first time, entrust your valuable golden oldies to a trained professional.

-All digital conversion is done using high quality professional recording studio equipment and components.
-All recording and digital conversions are done in 24 bit high resolution digital. This is higher than CD quality which is 16 bit.
-All work is performed by one person ensuring high quality control.

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