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At introspective music we offer a comprehensive mastering service.
We offer two levels of mastering, namely Basic Mastering for those on a tight budget and Pro Mastering.
Basic Mastering includes loudness maximizing and basic equalization whereas Pro Mastering includes loudness maximizing, advanced equalization, multiband compression and psycho acoustics processing.

Bring in a track that was mastered previously and if our master does not beat it you won't pay for it!

Do a test song with us and if you're not happy you don't pay.

We currently make use of the latest and greatest mastering processors available.
Heres a list of what we use:

Slate Digital FX-G
Waves Mastering Suite
Uad Mastering Suite
Voxengo Elephant, Soniformer, HarmoniEQ
Wavelab 7
MacPro Platform
Genelec monitoring
Harmon Kardon

You won't be disappointed, in fact we guarantee that you won't. We've mastered individual tracks and albums for international release. Many of those releases have had number ones on various radio countdowns. We've produced and mastered music for use on M-TV. We've mastered various radio and television commercials so you're in good hands.

Online Mastering Service.
Send us your tracks and we'll master them and send them back to you.

Please contact us for pricing.

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